Gund Gallery Student Artist Spotlight



Claire HarnEnz

Claire HarnEnz is a senior art/english double major at Kenyon College. She is from Madison Wisconsin. She also lives and works at the Kenyon Farm.

What is Claire’s Artistic Medium of Choice?

Mold making. She learned to use molds during a summer internship 2 years ago. Last year, in her installation art class, she was able to continue to use mold making as an artistic medium. She is excited to experiment with, and develop her talent in new and unorthodox ways for this year.ch7

What was it like For Claire to start Setting up her studio?

Claire found that it was really exciting to be finally have a space to spread her stuff out in. Claire says that with her own studio, it is extremely helpful to be able to look at her past work while making new art. It helps her gauge her artistic progress. She reports that the students in their studio classes focus on making their studios truly their own. ch3

What is it like to be an artist at Kenyon?

The two most important parts for Claire as an Artist at kenyon are the student art show at the Gund Gallery, and being able to have her own studio. The amount of freedom she has with her seminar, She is happy to say that she is confident these experiences will help “feel qualified to exhibit large amounts of work.” Claire is very thankful to have opportunities like this as such a young artist

George Costanzo 19′



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