This Week in Operations

We, the Operations Team, just wrapped up a busy week! Our team is responsible for event planning and behind-the-scenes work at Gund Gallery. We have been doing long term planning  for upcoming events including: Night at the Museum, Election Season screenings, and the inaugural pop-up show “Off-the-Hill: Student-Curated Student-Artists”. Additionally, we have been coordinating event staffing for PM Atelier, the Film Series, and a dance concert that was held in the Buchwald-Wright Gallery.
On Monday, Operations associates Lucy Irwin, Chris Paludi, Vanhi Kurra, and Alyssa Colombo planned and hosted the screening of the first electoral debate at Gund Gallery. According to Lucy Irwin ‘20, “Almost 300 people showed up, filling the theater and sending overflow into the lobby and out of the doors!” Overall, the first screening was a huge success and the associates are looking for ways to accommodate even more students and faculty for the Vice Presidential debate on Tuesday, October 4th.


Screening in the Community Theater


Overflow crowd watching in the Fischman Lobby


We are also in the thick of planning the pop up show, “Off the Hill”. The prospectus is being printed today and being distributed around campus. The team is working to advertise the Call for Art, with help from our friends in the Promotions Team. We hope to see a lot of submissions from Kenyon students!



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