Gund Gallery Student Artist Spotlight


Emma Brown

Emma Brown is a senior studio art major from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.

What is Emma’s Artistic Medium of Choice?

Emma has been focused on photography but she is interested in “a bit of everything.” This year, she hopes to focus more on mixed media and painting.


What does Emma enjoy about having her own studio?

Emma believes that it is important that she has her “own space to think in” and “spread out.” As a visual person, she especially enjoys being able to place everything she is “hoping to be inspired by” on the walls.

What specific Kenyon art classes have inspired her?

At the beginning of freshman year, the only art class Emma got into was sculpture. This situation ended up being a blessing because she “hadn’t really been thinking in a three-dimensional way before.” All in all, this first class let her “mind” be “expanded from the get-go.” She also values the role the liberal arts plays in her arts education, explaining how taking classes in other departments makes it so “you’re not just in an echo-chamber of art history and studio technique.”


What contemporary artists inspire Emma?

Emma is currently inspired by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, an artist whose work she describes as “tender, emotional, but still really simple.” She is also inspired by the “canonical” artists of the Western tradition, explaining that “the things you see and want to photograph… echo the sort of lighting evoked by Caravaggio and Vermeer.”


Picture: Untitled (Portrait of Ross in L.A.), from the Gund Gallery


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