Gund Gallery Student Artist Spotlight


Katie Lovins

Katie is a senior art major, and art history minor from New York City.


Katie’s Medium of Choice

Katie has primarily focused on film photography throughout her artistic career, developing new and interesting ways to incorporate organic materials into this medium. Furthermore, Katie has been more recently working on larger scale installation pieces that are more sculpturally based. While she does not have anything larger in scale on display yet, she is excited to see how some of the projects she has in the works on will ultimately come together to create something bigger in the next few months. The use of organic materials has remained a common thread through the multitude of mediums that Katie has explored.


Katie’s Art at Kenyon

Katie has found that Kenyon’s art program has offered her a myriad of benefits throughout her time as an art major. Katie states that the structure of the art major at Kenyon works to expand student perspectives on art, while simultaneously developing their skills through a wide variety of mediums. As such, Katie has found that she has been given the opportunity to establish a thoughtful and informed voice as an artist. Katie also spoke fondly of her time studying abroad in Glasgow, Scotland.


© Tara Donovan, Photos by Ron Blunt

Katie’s Influences

Katie stated that her foremost influence is contemporary artist Tara Donovan, an American sculptor from New York City. Donovan uses everyday materials to create organic forms in her sculpture work. Katie would not consider her work to be specifically similar to Donovan’s, however, she draws her influences from a very similar place. The concentration on these ‘organic forms’ has been a primary focus for Katie in her own artwork.


Katie’s Voice

With the freedom to explore different mediums through her classes at Kenyon, as well as influence from artists like Tara Donovan, Katie has a begun to find her own unique artistic voice. Through her work, Katie has worked on exploring “edges” that exist and occur naturally in the world. For example, in her film work, Katie has crystallized salt from seawater onto film, thus integrating this exploration of natural edges with her use of organic materials. Katie continues to examine these concepts through the art she is working on today.



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