On View Now in Gund Gallery

In Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Pan-Anthem (2014), hundreds of speakers are mounted on the gallery wall. Each speaker is labeled with a country, and the speakers can be arranged according to GDP, population, national military spending per capita, and the number of women in parliament, to name a few. When a viewer stands in front of a certain speaker, the national anthem of that country plays. At the Gund Gallery, the speakers are organized according to the number of guns per 100 residents; Timor-Leste has the least number of firearms, and the United States has the most. On an adjacent wall, more speakers are displayed, that represent countries that no longer exist, or might exist in the future.


Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Pan-Anthem – Subsculpture 16 (Pan-Himno), 2014, speakers with built-in micro-sd card sound playback and amplification, power distribution battens, ultrasonic proximity sensors, LED screens

Amy Shirer ’18


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