Gund Gallery Student Artist Spotlight


Jessica Ferrer

Jessica Ferrer is a senior Studio Art and English Double Major from Bartlett, Illinois.

Her Medium of Choice

Jessica first got involved in Studio Art in Ellen Sheffield’s Book Arts class. Her love of literature (and her English major) fueled her interest in books and paper. However, as she gained experience in the department, Jess has branched out, especially enjoying her video classes. Now, she enjoys manipulating textiles and window screens. Her current project involves manipulating a window screen to resemble lace.

Studio Art at Kenyon

At Kenyon, Jessica values the small size of the classes and the department. She notes that,“this year especially there has been a great sense of community among the studio art majors. And, of course, we get spoiled with studio space.” She enjoys the privacy of her studio; she finds that she is productive when left “to her own devices.” But she also likes having other studio art majors share the space, bouncing ideas off of one another as they work.



Jessica’s interest in fabric and other materials which “manipulate the body” has led her to explore Filipino styles of textile making. She explains: “I hadn’t really intended to explore and discuss my Filipino heritage and my background. That’s something that grew out of my interest in fabric and textiles first.” Her favorite contemporary artists include Ruth Asawa, whose wire sculptures inform her work with window screens, and Julie Mehretu, whose paintings display a frenetic and “architectural” quality which Jessica enjoys.


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