Gund Gallery Student Artist Spotlight


Sydney Moss


Sydney Moss is a Junior from Westport Connecticut. For a change of pace from our usual student artist spotlight, Sydney Moss is neither an art major, nor an art minor. Sydney majors in English here at Kenyon College, yet art is an extremely important part of her life here on campus.

IMG_1936.jpgMedium of Choice

Sydney’s favorite medium to work through is pen and ink. She has however just recently gotten into painting, as she is enrolled in the Kenyon course  “fundamentals of oil painting.” Sydney has enjoyed expanding her artistic horizons and honing her skills through a new medium.

IMG_1929.jpgArt Classes for Non-Majors

Sydney has had an affinity for art for a long time, having kept a notebook of her work all throughout high school. Unfortunately, having decided to pursue English in college, she found herself not having enough time to continue with art in her leisure time. Sydney spoke emphatically about her content with being a non-art major in art classes, having said that her perspective on a semester is largely influenced by whether or not she has a class like drawing or painting to use as an artistic outlet. Sydney expressed that she learns a lot from her art classes here at Kenyon, going as far to say that the art department is perhaps her favorite on campus. Learning about new sources of inspiration, and having her passion for art fostered by excellent professors, Sydney is happy to be a student artist on campus.


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