Keeping Up with Curatorial Projects

It’s only a few weeks into the spring semester, but the Gund Gallery Curatorial Associate team has been hard at work on a new student-curated exhibition: Black Women/Black Lives. Located in the downstairs curatorial classroom of Gund Gallery, the exhibition explores the art and representation of black women throughout the Civil Rights movement and into the activist movements of today. The exhibition has been in the works since early in the fall semester, and was put together by the three Curatorial Associate team divisions: Curatorial Projects, Curatorial Writing, and Curatorial Research.

Curatorial Projects Associate team leader Jenna Wendler, ’17, is one of three Associate leaders from the Curatorial division, also including Natasha Siyumbwa, ’17, and Rose Bishop, ’17, who are spearheading the project. With experience in curating Gund Gallery exhibitions such as Color II, Jenna described working as a collective to create the exhibition as one of the most rewarding aspects of curating Black Women/Black Lives. The different strengths of each team member- whether it be academic or technology based- created new connections and artistic links that form unique levels of depth that differ from viewer to viewer, culminating in a deeply personal and enriching experience.

Black Women/Black Lives officially opened January 23, 2017 and will run until February 5, 2017 at the Gund Gallery. In the coming weeks, we will continue to discuss the exhibition with the Curatorial Writing and Curatorial Research teams.

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