Gund Associate Team Spotlight: Curatorial Writing

As one of the student curators for the Gund Gallery exhibition Black Women/Black Lives, Curatorial Writing Associate leader Rose Bishop, ’17, spearheaded the project of writing curatorial labels for exhibit artworks both in the Gund Gallery permanent collection as well as works of art and historic materials on loan from Interference Archives in Brooklyn, New York.

One of the three student curators to make the 36-hour trip to Brooklyn, Rose, like Curatorial Projects leader Jenna Wendler, ’17, described working with members of different educational focuses to be one of the best experiences of the project. “It’s easy to be stuck in a bubble, thinking of these objects as aesthetic art objects, rather than something tied to a larger political schema,” Rose said. One of the most engaging and fascinating motifs to write about for Rose and her team was that of the armed mother, a concept which comes into play significantly in the exhibition segment titled Radical Motherhood, one of three overarching concepts behind the exhibition structure (along with Women on the Front Lines and Beauty, Politics, and Femininity). One of the most iconic works from Radical Motherhood is The Builders Family by Jacob Lawrence, one of the most acclaimed artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

Black Women/Black Lives will be running until February 5, 2017 in Gund Gallery 103, the downstairs curatorial classroom.


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