Gund Associate Team Spotlight: Education

As per usual, the Education Associate Team is hard at work with various projects around Gund Gallery! We stopped to chat with Associate leader Jonah Edwards, ’18, about what is currently in the works for the five-person team.

Family Day, from 1:00-4:00 pm on February 18, is one of the events at the forefront of Education efforts. Associates are planning family-friendly activities spread across the Gallery, primarily based off of the current exhibition, Aftermath: The Fallout of War, as well as the student-curated exhibition, Black Women/Black Lives, which closed February 5, 2017. Aftermath presents an interesting series of challenges in planning an all-ages event, as it focuses on the effects of war, violence, and loss of life, but Associates are developing ways to relate to younger audiences while still retaining the essential messages of the exhibition.

Another project in store for Education in assembling an educational packet on Black Women/Black Lives and other works of art recently gifted to the Gallery. This packet would detail the incredible work done by the Curatorial teams over this year, as well as preserve the works showcased in the exhibition, as it was only up for a few weeks in January and February of this year.

Post by: Jessica Lane, ’20.


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