Museum Trends: Adjusting Admission Fees to Increase Accessibility


The exterior of The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.
Image from:’s_Museum_of_Indianapolis.

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is changing its pricing. For a long time visitors have had to purchase tickets for a standard fee, no matter if they ordered them ahead of time online or at the box office as they entered.  To visit the museum now, people will log onto the museum’s online calendar, where prices vary each day. There they choose the day they want to visit and purchase the number of tickets they will need. The farther ahead the tickets are bought, the cheaper they will be. If buyers are unable to make the day they already paid for, they can call the museum to exchange it for a different day. Visitors expected to cover any price difference.

New prices will be available March 13, just in time for spring break. As of now, tickets are $23.50, but the new average price will be $21.75. Currently, there are 40 days where tickets are $16 or less, and the museum hosts four free days each year. To set the daily fees, an algorithm takes into account multiple factors, including school calendars, customer demand, even weather. The most expensive days could reach $35, but a spokeswoman for the museum said she does not believe any day will be that expensive.

This “plan-ahead pricing,” as the museum calls it, is similar to the Indianapolis Zoo’s model. The museum recognizes that this move will increase accessibility to the exhibits, making a trip to the museum affordable for many more community members and their families.

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Amy Shirer ’18


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