Museum Trends: Yoga in the Galleries


Yoga at the Brooklyn Museum. Image from

Art museums are catching up with one of the latest fitness trends — yoga. Museums around the world are teaming up with yoga professionals and offering classes in their galleries. The Brooklyn Museum offers one of the biggest classes, accommodating around 300-400 people in a single session, but smaller yoga classes are also available at nearby museums such as the Columbus Museum of Art and the Cleveland Museum of Art. At the Columbus Museum of Art, yoga lasts for an hour, followed by thirty minutes of meditation. The Cleveland Museum of Art offers a tour of the gallery, followed by a yoga class. Each session has a different theme, and it costs about the same as going to a traditional yoga studio.

The goal of practicing yoga among the art is to promote a deeper and more meaningful connection to the works. By hosting yoga classes in a museum space, it also highlights how yoga practice is an art form in and of itself.

For more information about this trend, please visit:

For more information about yoga classes at The Columbus Museum of art, please visit:

For more information about yoga at the Cleveland Museum of Art, please visit:

Amy Shirer ’18


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