Favorite Contemporary Artist: Leroy Campbell

Leroy Campbell is an artist born in Charleston, SC and raised in New York City, NY. Having no formal training, Campbell draws influence from artists like Jacob Lawrence and Archibald Motley to create his own uniquely spiritual and thought provoking work.


Campbell uses charcoal characters to create evocative storytelling paintings. The piece above is called Supper Club, completed in 2014. He created this scene using mixed media elements on wood. Part of his series entitled Music, Campbell used an old piano as a base for this piece. He tends to combine the use of organic materials, acrylic paints, and different types of paper in order create vibrant displays.


The characters shown in his paintings often appear as stylized silhouettes with extended necks and eyeless faces, such as the one shown in Laced Up (completed in 2014), pictured above. Along with the old newspaper articles used in the base collage, the characters are meant to deliver a thought-provoking narrative.



As demonstrated in the work above entitled Defiance (completed in 2016), Campbell has a standing commitment to conveying civil rights messages and providing social commentary through his work. I find each piece both beautiful, and compelling. Check out more of his portfolio by clicking on the link below:




George Costanzo ‘19


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