Museum Trends: Having Fun with the Museum Dance Off 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 1.17.48 PM.png

Screenshot of the Chrysler Museum of Art’s 2017 Submission. Watch the full video here:

This month brings the Fourth Annual Museum Dance Off, an international competition where any gallery library, archive, or museum can submit a video of staff dancing to music in their workplace to win.

The dance-off is run out of Baltimore, Maryland, by, a Tumblr account launched by museum worker Maggie G., who originally created the blog as a joke. The Indiana State Museum sent Maggie a video of staff members dancing, and she posted it because it made her smile. Other museums began to send her videos, and she decided to start an international dance-off contest. Dozens of museums from around the globe submit videos each year.

For more information, and to watch submissions from 2016, please visit:

To watch previews from this year, please visit:

Amy Shirer ’18



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