Museum Trends: Museum Apps


A screenshot of the Louvre app, available for both iPhone and Android

For decades now, museums have listed phone numbers on wall labels that guests can call for more information about select works of art. Special audio guides have also been standard for quite some time. However, more recently, certain museums are launching their own apps, which provide GPA maps and other visitor information, as well as stunning pictures of the artworks with detailed written descriptions.

The Louvre’s app highlights over 100 of the museum’s masterpieces, including the Mona Lisa. The app offers close-up photographs of details, as well as text. A map of the Louvre shows where each work is located in the museum, making it easy to find the most famous pieces. Other apps, like the one for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, takes downloaders on a virtual tour. The app for the Museum of Modern Art in New York goes so far to include audio and video podcasts.

Apps allow visitors to have a more unique museum experience, and also allow people to “visit” the museum without having to travel.

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Amy Shirer ’18